Cytosense (Cytobuoy b.v.)

Cytosense scanning flow cytometer

– 20 mW blue-green (488 nm) high quality laser module (other wavelengths or power available, flat light distribution for high flow rates
– Volumetric, valveless, auto-ranging sample dosing system
– Ultrawide (1x1mm ) flow cuvette with 2-stage hydrodynamic sheath fluid injection system, speed controlled, external & recirculating mode
– 5 detectors : one (1) forward scatter (photodiode) and four (4) photomultiplier tubes (PMT) for side scatter and yellow, orange and red fluorescences (selectable) ;
– Scanning data format : full pulse profile digitizing electronics for morphological particle analysis(nano- and microplankton)
– Laptop computer with ’CytoUSB’ software for instrument operation in various modes (automated, interactive and scheduled-mode)
– ’CytoClus’ data analysis software : flow cytometry cluster analysis software extended with individual particle profile visualization and parameterization : up to 8 parameters from each detector output.