AFCA Meeting organized by the CIML

Thursday, November 5th : Symposium

CIML, amphitheatre


Introduction : Marie Malissen & Daniel Olive

9h-10h30 : Session 1, Chairman Herve LUCHE

9h00-9h15 : Marc DALOD, CIML Marseille, France
Use of multiparameter flow cytometry for single cell profiling of innate cytokine production in vivo during a viral infection

9h15-9h30 : Françoise GONDOIS-REY, CRCM Marseille, France
Multicolor flow cytometry analysis of innate responses following interaction with herpes, flu and HCV

9h30-9h45 : Nathalie AUPHAN-ANNEZIN, CIML Marseille, France
Design of long-lived effector CD8 T cells by manipulation of a master transcription factor

9h45-10h30 : Victor APPAY, Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris, France
Premature immune risk phenotype in subjects thymectomized during early childhood

10h30-11h00 : Coffee Break

11h00-12h30 : Session 2, Chairman Sophie UGOLINI

11h00-11h15 : Hervé LUCHE, CIML Marseille,France

- Multiparameter analysis of early T cell development

11h15-11h30 : Nolwenn LEMEUR, INSERM/IRISA Rennes, France

High throughput flow cytometry analysis with Bioconductor

11h30-12h15 : Pratip CHATTOPADHYAY, NIH, Bethesda, USA
The Many Hues of Human Immunity : Recent Applications of Polychromatic Flow Cytometry

12h15-12h30 : Gerald GREGORI, Laboratoire de Microbiologie, Geochimie et Ecologie Marine, Marseille,France

12h30-13h45 : Lunch
Buffet at CIML for all register participants

13h45-14h15 : Industrial Session
13h45-14h00 : Bienvenu MAYEMI, Beckman Europe

Révolution en Cytométrie en Flux

14h00-14h15 : Robert BALDERAS, BD Biosciences, USA

Activation status analysis in the single cells

14h15-15h30 : Session 3, Chairman Sandrine SARRAZIN

14h15-14h30 : Stéphane MANCINI, CIML Marseille, France
Multiparametric analysis of B lymphopoiesis

14h30-14h45 : Fabiola ZELADA, CIML Marseille, France
Multicolor FACS analysis to dissect macrophages development and functions

14h45-15h00 : Marie-Laure THIBULT, CRCM Marseille, France
Multicolor flow cytometry of lymphoma microenvironment

15h00-15h45 : Jean-Charles GRIVEL, NIH, Bethesda USA, France
Flow cytometric analysis of cultured complex human tissues

15h45-16h15 : Coffee Break
16h15-17h30 : Session 4, Chairman Stephane MANCINI
16h15-16h30 : Claude GREGOIRE, CIML Marseille, France
Analysis of intracellular kinases using cytometry

16h30-16h45 : Jacques NUNES, CRCM Marseille, France
Phospho flow for the analysis of acute myeloid leukemias

16h45-17h30 : Garry P. NOLAN, Stanford Univ., Stanford, USA
Ultra High Dimensional Flow Cytometry For Signaling Analysis of Diseased Immune Cell Subsets

17h30-18h30 : Cocktail

Friday, November 6th : Workshop*

*for selected participants only

9h30-12h00 : Morning workshop

Round Table 1 : max. 20 participants

Organized by Marie Malissen & Jacques Nunes

Garry P. NOLAN, Stanford Univ., Stanford, USA
Multiparameter phosphoprotein analysis in single cells by flow cytometry and FACS
(CIML, Kourilsky-Fougereau room)

12h00-13h30 : Lunch

For register participants

13h30-16h00 : Afternoon workshop

Practical course : max. 8 participants

Organized by Atika Zouine & Pierre Grenot
Application of Quantum Dots to multicolor flow cytometry

(CIML, Laboratory would be specified later)

Round Table 2 : max. 20 participants

Organized by Samuel Granjeaud & Hervé Luche

Nolwenn LEMEUR, INSERM/IRISA Rennes, France

FlowCore : A Bioconductor package for high throughput flow cytometry

(CIML, room would be specified later)