Un petit utilitaire bien pratique pour calculer les poids moléculaires de vos produits chimiques et préparer vos solutions

Utilities for chemical calculations. These include three programs that calculate data about entered chemical formulae. For example, if you enter : MW NaHCO3 the formula and molecular weight of sodium bicarbonate will appear on the screen as NaHCO3 84.00687. This result can be sent to a comma-delimited database file if desired.

With the solutions utility you could type SOLUTION H2NCONH2 6.5M and obtain the concentration of 6.5M urea in various units, including 39.04 grams per 100 ml. You can also use SOLUTION to obtain molarity from grams per litre or percent w/v.

For a peptide sequence, PEP gly-lys-trp-arg tells you that this tetrapeptide has molecular weight 545.67 and that its pI is approximately 8.7.

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