When Flow cytometry meets Photography : you get Flowtography

How the new generation of Cytosense pictures the wide size range of the plankton

Thanks to new improvements, the new Cytosense generation equipped with new electronics and new optics is capable to take pictures of each single particle as it flows in the instrument with unprecedented quality, and for up to several thousand pictures per sample. That makes a tremendous difference and provides a new tool to better discriminate and identify the various creatures which make the plankton so unique. It goes without saying that the flow cytometry properties, such as light scatter and fluorescences properties are still recorded for every single particle, even the largest ones which can now be in the range of the millimeter. Yes indeed, at PRECYM, with the Cytobuoy team, we have demonstrated yesterday that combining flow cytometry and image in flow makes possible to analyse with a single instrument the wide range of particles from the tiniest (like Prochlorococcus) to the largest (some zooplankton).